For your safety we have the following rules of which must be observed at all times:

Children who use the fun bus must be aged 3 to 9 years old only.  Any children 9 or slightly above that we think may be too big for the play area will not be allowed on for safety reasons.

Parents and guardians are not required to stay on the bus during the party. The children are supervised at all times by our members of staff.

We provide members of staff who monitor the equipment and have access to first aid facilities. 

Children must not climb up slides.

Children are not allowed to throw the balls.

Children who are unwell must not use the facilities.

Children must remove their shoes before playing on the equipment in the play area 

For hygiene reasons children and adults must wear socks.

No food, drinks, sweets or chewing gum are to be taken in to the play area.

Only plastic glasses or bottles are allowed in the supervision area. No drinks containers are to be taken into the play area.

Smoking is not permitted.

Pens, buckles, jewellery, watches, money, sharp objects etc. must not be taken into the play area by children using the play equipment.

Personal items must be left with parents or guardians. We can not accept any liability for theft.

Any children misbehaving inappropriately on the bus will be told once and if it continues they will be asked to leave the bus.

Please read our terms and conditions prior to booking.